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360 Degree Surveys for Leaders

Pivot’s 360 Degree Surveys are designed for educators at all stages of their careers. Offering professional development for Regional Managers, Principals, Deputy Principals, Assistant Principals, Middle Leaders, Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers and those looking to grow their leadership potential. Our 360 Degree Surveys take 30-minutes to complete and deliver valuable and meaningful insights into how you can improve and develop your professional practice.

350 Degree Survey

Leadership development

Embed a culture of continuous improvement in your school or region and demonstrate the value of feedback – throughout your school ecosystem.

360 Degree Survey


Our 360 Degree Surveys draw on international evidence, so you can be confident that the questions relate to behaviour and actions that others can accurately observe and measure. 

360 Degree Survey


The core 360 Degree Survey questions will provide you with deep insights. You can also add additional questions to cover specific priorities.

“The information was broken down and easy to read. The questions were relevant to my role. The staff enjoyed doing it. I don’t normally get formal feedback at my level and because it was a survey people were more honest than otherwise. The evidence provided by the report helped affirm the next steps in my professional learning.”

Deputy Principal participant.

Pursue your leadership journey with Pivot’s 360 Degree Surveys

Build your leadership potential with Pivot’s 360 Degree Surveys. With timely and objective feedback from those who know you best, you will be able to leverage your leadership strengths and identify where there are opportunities to grow. Our 360s encourage data-informed decisions to improve your practice.

Try our Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher, Middle Leader, Principal or Coach 360 Degree Surveys and invest in your leadership journey!



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Personalised Leadership Coaching

Once you receive your 360 Degree Survey results, book your 1:1 coaching call with our leadership specialists. Discuss your strengths and areas for leadership growth. Set your pathway to becoming a more effective leader by designing a professional development plan that is tailored to your 360 Degree Survey results.

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Tailor your 360 Degree Surveys 

Looking to standardise your approach to leadership development? Pivot can work with your school or organisation to tailor our 360 Degree Surveys. We align our surveys with your standards, goals or school strategy, creating a cohesive approach to leadership development.

Speak to us today about creating a tailored 360 Degree Survey for your leadership team!

What Leaders Say


of Deputy Principals that have completed the PRIN360 have said the self-assessment was worthwhile. 


of participants said the PRIN360 did not miss out on any critical areas of practice for Deputy Principals. 

A 360 Degree Survey for every stage of your career

HALT 360

Pivot’s HALT 360 Degree Survey is aligned with the Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher descriptors of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, making it an excellent tool for a teacher to consider their teaching and leadership practice in conjunction with the Pivot Student Perception Survey on Teaching and Learning. 

The HALT 360 Degree Survey is ideally suited to those seeking HALT accreditation.

Middle Leader360

Successful school leaders understand their competencies and how they inform their professional practice. Our Middle Leader360 drives a robust process of gathering feedback, reflection and planning for improvement.

The Middle Leader360 is designed for educators and High Achieving Lead Teachers who wish to advance or improve their career to become a Middle Leader. 


Pivot’s Prin360 enables aspiring leaders to gain insight into leadership effectiveness and potential, identify areas for growth and target professional development opportunities to manage career progression. 

The Prin360 may be undertaken by Principals, Assistant/Deputy Principals and experienced Middle Leaders as a means of understanding how they may continue to improve in their path towards excellence.


Pivot’s Coach360 aligns with the Professional Practice descriptions within the Australian Professional Standard for Principals. These standards are applicable to all educational leaders working closely to lead schools, including regional managers and coaches. 

The Coach360 is ideally suited for regional managers, senior educational leaders and executive coaches.